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Work & Education résumé

Fatih Hamzah

A 23 y.o. life-long learner.

An aspiring Digital Product (UX) Designer by day,
An illustrator wannabe & graphic design freelancer by night.

Working Experience

UX Designer Intern
January 2019 - Present.
Part of Tokopedia Product Design Team.

Zenius Education

FL UI/UX Designer
October 2018 - December 2018.
UI/UX for Business Development team, to develop a new product of Zenius Education.


FL Graphic Designer
November 2017 - March 2018.
Designing information & Keynote presentation for Strategy & Sales team of Telkomsel.


Graphic Design Intern
July 2017 - August 2017.
Ampersand is the brainchild of Ivy Aralia Nizar & Zinnia Nizar-Sompie, a design and style studio located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Zenius Education

FL UI/UX Designer
July 2016 - February 2017.
Graphic Design and UI/UX for Business Development team, with the project Zenius Prestasi.

DKV New Media, BINUS University

2016-2020. Latest GPA 3.60/4.00.

Activities and Societies: Design Division of HIMDKV 2017, and part of Design Division for Plaza Desain 2018. Study Visual Communication Design focusing in New Media.

Basically learned Basic/Fundamental of Graphic Design, such as Design Principles, Typography, Layout, Illustration design, Aesthetics. On New Media, learned Flash Interactive development, Motion Graphic, Website & Mobile (UI & UX) design.

Digital Design, International Design School

2014-2015. GPA 3.40/4.00.

Digital Design - IDS Creative Scholarship Grantee.
Best Digital Design Student Batch 17.
A 1-year college programme.

Courses: Creative Drawing, CG Fundamental, Design Fundamental, Photography, Video Production, Desktop Publishing, Single Page Design, Typography, Web Design, Digital Advertising, Game Art & Design, Post Production, Retail Design